Trang beauty.

June 28th, 2016 | SarahLove

We went to high school together. From the stands, I cheered for her as she dribbled a basketball on the court. I didn’t really know her by name but I was there to support her, as I was part of the cheer/dance team. She’s one of those people that if I could go back in time, I would have wished to know her sooner.

Instead, I just have to be thankful that I know Trang now.

If you would have told me that in ten years time, I’d be documenting the birth of her third baby? I would have cried with joy. Because I did when she asked me. We joke about how it felt like a proposal, but really, it kinda was. I said yes, obviously. ;)  We really got to know one another ten years ago when she chose me to document her wedding. Years ago, her family included me on their family vacation to Hawaii. They mostly spoke Vietnamese, but I found myself laughing when they did. The language of laughter is universal. She translated when needed but I kinda enjoyed the mystery too. Over the years we have gotten to know one another on a very close friendship level. We live in different cities but we have kept in contact throughout the years. She has supported me emotionally when I went through some major medical issues and has been one of those friends who I know would drop her life just to be there if needed. As I would for her. It’s a give and take, very special friendship that I hope to never take for granted.

Due to personal complications, Trang would be delivering her third baby via cesarean, unlike her first two babies. She reached out to me with fears and I tried to comfort her the best way I knew. Unknowing if I was helping, I just felt so helpless. I wanted her to know that everything would be okay. After weeks of talking, she asked me if I would come to the hospital for support. Her husband was so nervous, and didn’t want to see the surgery. She was told she could have one person in the room- and she asked me. Still trying to be helpful I told her that I could document the birth for her as it might help with her healing. Trang expressed to me that even if I couldn’t take pictures, she still chose me to support her.

We talked about how I could best support her on the journey. I could sit there to hold her hand or I could tell her what was happening behind the blue curtain. Trang asked me to narrate everything to her. So, I did. I sat by her side and calmly told her everything. I kept relaying everything that was happening  and that it was all perfectly normal. Because it was. It was an overlapping double full circle moment; cheering her on again and this time while translating. The birth of her third son, was a beautiful success. She was so calm and tried to tell me that I made her feel that way. I was just myself, and for that I feel really good about that. After years of practicing yoga, I think it’s helped me find the calmness. At least sometimes. ;)

Ten years ago, I entered Trang’s name into my phone memory as ‘Trang’ last name ‘Beauty’. I never changed it. I must have known even then of her beauty within.

Look at my beautiful friend. This was right before surgery. I stepped out of the room for a moment.

I was given clearance for one shot past the blue curtain. ONE. The pressure was on. You know, I could have probably taken more but I never want to abuse permission with my art. The surgeon told me one and I took one. Besides, she was holding a scalpel. ;)

A heartlove footprint.

He opened his eyes when he saw his mother.

Falling in love.

Then he smiled at her. A lucky shot.

So calm.

Trang told her husband it was the opposite gender for fun!

Hello, daddy!

The softest, silky baby fuzz hair.

Snuggles with his mother.

At home and giggly! He kept trying to uncross his legs; a joker like his mom? ;)



If I write too much here. I will cry for an hour. So, I will just say, thank you. Thank you for your friendship, your love and your loyalty through the years. It’s an honor to document your family all these years but more than that, it’s a privilege to be your friend.

Love, Sarah


Baby Jack. And the mother that did.

June 27th, 2016 | SarahLove

It’s been a long ten days trying to figure out exactly how to form the words to express how incredible this mother, Mikhaila is. Even the word ‘incredible’ is just much too lame for the feelings that I witnessed- that we all witnessed the night day that  baby Jack arrived.

But the past ten days were not longer than the three leading up to baby Jack’s arrival, I am certain of that.

Three days of laboring. THREE days of waves, lack of sleep, barely enough time to rest. I mean I was tired and so was her support team. And if we were tired, how on earth she kept going is totally mind boggling. I- just- can’t. She switched positions countless times. Her husband went up and down the stairs with boiled water for the birth pool. Kisses touched her as he passed by her. He held her and told her she was doing great. Wave after wave upon wave, her friend and doula got sore and exhausted just from applying pressure to the mother’s back. The support team she surrounded herself with was driven, kept things calm and uplifted. I’ve heard that labor is comparative to running a marathon. One marathon. I am positive this strong, relentless woman ran an ultra. That’s like three marathons, right? Actually, if you really want to know, it’s endless. It’s anything past the standard 26 miles, 385 yards run. They are known for their enormous distances. It can take days. And it doesn’t matter how you got there at the end, what matters is that you finished. That’s what Mikhaila did.

So beautiful.

A lovely touch.


Peeking in on them doing such a great job.

So pretty!

This little bird kept checking in on the progress.

This is PM. Sunset.

This is now AM. Sunrise.

Basically a whole bunch of this incredible support happened during the night.

And a tiny tiny bit of this happened.


The cup of coffee says everything. Almost.

Working so so so hard.

I love this power.

A true friend.

Little bird just checking in on things, still. Even it was dedicated.


Acceptance and comfort.


A mothers perfect touch.

I come in peace. Hello, sweet little one!

Mikhaila and Andy, Thank you for welcoming me into your home to witness such power and love all the way to the finish line. You are a strong team and it was an honor to witness that beauty. Thank you! Hugs, Sarah










Ashley and Ramon. Just right.

June 12th, 2016 | SarahLove


It’s been so long since my last blog post that I couldn’t remember my password. In fact, I couldn’t even remember my username.

I feel like I do not need to justify why I’ve been absent from here. This blog has served as my own personal reference for documenting things for which I’m passionate. The past couple of years I’ve been working on a very big project. It was so big that I actually started writing but on paper with a pencil. There was something that felt so right about being able to turn the pages with my fingertips. It was partly the texture, it was being able to smell paper. When I first started writing my hand would cramp so badly after one or two paragraphs. That’s how I knew I had to keep putting graphite into shapes. I had to be something raw without spellcheck without being able to delete big chunks at a time and without being able to copy and paste or completely edit history. There was something special about the eraser marks left behind.

Over the past two years I’ve only accepted jobs that I have felt extreme passion. I was craving something in the images that I created. What I found is something familiar yet completely new. Of course a discovered parallel in my life. I was gifted my first camera almost two decades ago. Over this time I’ve noticed a constant in my work; that I have a yearning to document life as I feel it. Not just only as I see it. Yes, my work is just that personal.

I had planned on taking an entire year off of documenting weddings. But when Ashley contacted me and very honestly expressed that I was the only person she imagined being there on her day, my heart sang yes before my brain reminded me to kindly decline.

Then she told me her wedding date. It was exactly one day after the dedicated year to take off from documenting weddings. How was this even possible?! I hadn’t told her of my allotted time off.

There was an intense desire to capture this very special wedding day of Ashley’s. However it unfolded, I would be there to photographically document it. I anticipated the mishaps, in fact I looked forward to embracing them!

But then that didn’t happen. From dress rehearsal to the wedding nights moonlight, nothing went wrong. Not even a little bit.

It wasn’t until Ashley’s sister, the maid of honor, said her speech until I understood why it was all so very perfect. It was heartfelt and not sugarcoated. It spoke of hardships that Ashley had endured and how she deserved someone to appreciate the kindness and loyalty that Ashley chooses to give. That person for Ashley is, without a doubt, Ramon.

The night before at the dress rehearsal, I witnessed the respect that he had for his mother. He only spoke Spanish to her and I didn’t understand all the words but whatever he said I knew it was goodness. It was the tone and the gentle way he took her arm in his. I’ve been told that you know a good man by observing the way he treats his own mother.

There was such joy and honesty in their wedding vows. There was admiration throughout the day as they looked at one another. There was calmness and a communication that was flawless. That’s not to say that hard times won’t happen, they will have challenges. Over the past two years (or more) I feel that is something that Ashley has learned. She must have, because I heard her say so in her vows. It’s the knowing it will happen and dedication that they will promise to work through it.

As a witness, I felt the grace and saw the glory of their love. It was hard to miss because it was incredibly beautiful.

Ashley turned to her dad, confidently smiled and proclaimed, ‘I got it right this time.’

You did Ashley. This is your time to be honored for every struggle that has gotten you to this love. It’s like my journal with the discolored eraser marks where the paper was rubbed away revealing what really happened there. Ramon, thank you for being you. At the end of the night, I said goodbye to your 13 year old son and he stopped what he was doing and came over and shook my hand and said, ‘It was nice to meet you.’ That is a testament to you, I can tell. You both have it just right.


The flowers smelled wonderful!

Look at this dessert bar. There were hearts everywhere and sparkles. Oh, I loved it!

Ring nests. So darling!!

Classy and so beautiful.

Love this so much.


Pretty little cloud.

Handsome man!

Their children watched the ceremony like this, it was so sweet.

The wind had been blowing strongly until the ceremony started. It was incredible timing.



Love this cuddle!


This look is beautiful.

The glory!

A mothers love.

Dancing flower girl. LOVE!

So cute!

A perfect love.

Thank you both for trusting in my work and appreciating the way in which I express myself through imagery. Love, Sarah


Life’s delights. According to Nico.

September 5th, 2014 | SarahLove

At 8 months old, Baby Nico didn’t have much to say at his session. Sometimes saying nothing at all, is loud and clear. With his eyes though? He told a story of large magnitude. I must admit. Since a young child myself, I’ve been drawn to quiet people. Because I think they speak in profound volumes.


Make eye contact immediately when you meet someone.

Explore things of which you are not so sure.

Change perspective.

Face things facing forward.

Do a little wiggle without caring.

Share a smile just because.

Snuggle when you feel like it.

Clap for yourself sometimes.

Return smiles.

Laugh at the pure delight of life!

Opal and Christian, As always it’s such a joy to document you and your family as it grows more and more beautiful. Much love, Sarah

The light of Christine.

August 28th, 2014 | SarahLove

There are a lot of small moments in life that can change us in big ways. Little does Christine know, she attributes to one of those things that has me having a long lasting forever feeling of appreciation. For my dad. She was sitting on her orange yoga mat. One of the first things I ever heard Christine say was how she recently lost her dad. She was so open and honest and I could hear the absolute love that she had for her dad when she shared that. Between the lines, I felt the missing she carried.

That night, I called my dad just to tell him I loved him. He jokingly said, ‘What do youuu want??’ We laughed but really I wanted so desperately to tell him to live forever. But knowing that wasn’t fair I replied, ‘I just wanted to say that I love you. That’s all.’

Sometimes people come across your path to learn something from you or maybe they show you something. Christine showed me something huge. Ever since meeting her I try so so so hard to not take my dad for granted.

When I had the honor of taking her yoga portfolio for her, I knew this one of her was just BEAUTIFUL. I seriously had to restrain my excitement! Look at that golden light on her face, wind in her hair and the calmness.

So lovely.



This light, HER light is incredible.

So beautiful!

A very strong mother!

This one of her daughter makes me laugh. Darling!

Lovely lines.

This takes immense concentration. Right below the ledge in front of Christine is a 10-20 foot drop.

Loving this!


Namaste, Christine. I see the light in you and it’s so beautiful.

After Christine’s photo session, I remember thinking, ‘Why did the sun have to set so fast?’ Then I answered myself: ‘Because that’s what it does. That’s what life does. It’s suppose to.’

Thank you so much for trusting me to document you, just as you are. More than that though, thank you for showing me immense appreciation. Much love, Sarah

Jill. The glow.

August 5th, 2014 | SarahLove

Jill was surrounded by her family and closest friends at her baby shower, while laughter filled the room and every once in a while conversation would cease allowing the twang of old true country tunes to be noticed. The sun was setting turning the saguaro cactus into large silhouetted statutes, just like you’d see on an Arizona postcard. As Jill unwrapped gifts for her baby girl, Charlie, she giggled and delicately held up tiny articles of clothing adorned with polka dots and bows. It is hard to believe that soon a sweet little one will occupy that little space inside each outfit and be cuddled inside hand stitched quilts.

The birth of a baby brings so much love into parts of a woman that she didn’t even know was conceivable. It’s something that we all witnessed as Jill interacted with her family and friends. She had that glow that everyone talks about. It is a beauty that really shines only when a mother is madly in love.

The wrapping paper now in a pile of wrinkled spheres, Jill rubbed her belly looked around the room and proclaimed, ‘Well, one thing is for sure, this baby is already loved.’


Jill is one of those people that naturally falls into beautiful positions. This one?! Oh she was just brushing her hair from her face. So beautiful!

Love this.

Um wowzers!

So cute!


This was a test shot. Even those are perfect!

Love this!


Of course, we had to get the dogs! So sweet.

The pensive look.


They just hate the camera. ;)

Jill owns a lion.


Charlie Rae.


Seriously SO SO gorgeous.

Jill, Thank you so much for welcoming me into your beautiful home, wonderful dinner outing, the tour of the saguaro desert, the sunset from the back porch, snuggles from Maverick the lion cat and sharing your darling crafting secrets. Also, I want to thank my dear assistant Sara, for holding the light- you are a natural! I look forward to seeing your darling one. Hugs to you, Sarah

Lincoln + Marlee. The village wedding.

August 4th, 2014 | SarahLove


I told myself, I wouldn’t cry. This day had been lingering in the back of my mind since the day Lincoln was born. I held him and knew that one day, he would be in love with someone so special. That day would be sooner than I could possibly imagine. The night before Lincoln’s wedding he grabbed David’s hand and said, ‘Let’s arm wrestle.’ Like all the times before, Lincoln won. They laughed. It was usually the case between David and Lincoln. David spent so many years of Lincoln’s childhood telling him he was a strong individual and guiding him on how to treat females. They spent weekend after weekend laughing from the back room in the house, bonding over ‘guy stuff’ as they would say when I’d walk into the room. When Lincoln was four I put him on my lap so he could steer the wheel of my car, he exclaimed, ‘Really let me drive!’ That day finally came. And boy did it! He jumped a curb while I held onto a freshly baked pizza box and into a rosemary bush. Every time I pass that corner, I still laugh a little at the comedy of it all. Lincoln has always had a great ability to turn ordinary moments into somewhat of a comedy show. He was six years old when I saw him waving to me through a huge window, while I worked inside a retail store. Before I knew it Lincoln had his shirt up, chest pressed against the window while mouthing the words, ‘Oh Billy!’ To my embarrassment, I couldn’t help but nearly fall to the floor laughing. That day, I hoped he never changed. When Lincoln grabbed me by the hand at his wedding reception and said to me, ‘Come on, let’s dance!’ it took me back to when he was just 7 years old. He was obsessed with GreenDay and would grab my hand and start dancing. Anywhere his heart desired. He didn’t care what others thought. I wished for him to always hold onto that. When I moved over seas it was so difficult to leave Lincoln behind. Every time I talked to him on the phone he’d ask when I was coming home. Upon one of my visits back to the US he grabbed my hand at the airport and I knew I would move back home sooner than I had originally thought. Lincoln has a way of drawing people in like that. He is more of a leader than he knows, which is what makes him such a good role model in his marriage and with his workmanship. The day Lincoln moved to Oregon, I knew that one day he’d call me to tell me he met someone special. And that day came too. Too fast. All of it happened so fast. I am referencing time in it’s entirety. One day, I was holding Lincoln’s hand the day he was brought into this world and the next? It seems as though he was grabbing mine. At the wedding, he looked at me and said, ‘Sarah don’t cry.’ I tried so hard not to and then smiled. I told him, ‘You will only know how this day feels when you are where I am and your Violet is right here with you.’  He smiled, wiggled his feet in cadence to the music and replied, ‘Okay.’

There is a sense of letting go of something that is no longer and if I am being honest, it’s so hard. At the same time, there is a huge relief of pride knowing that he chose the right person to commit his life and give his love to. That alone allows the ‘letting go’ to be so much easier. There is comfort in knowing who Marlee is, how she uses her heart and how incredible of a human being she chooses to be. Because really, she is just perfect. I adore her. Everyone who meet her does!

THE wedding.

It’s all we could talk about for months. Mom and I kept going over (and over again) the details and making revisions from travel plans, cooking the food and what we were going to wear. We were not the only ones trying so hard to make this wedding something so special for Marlee and Lincoln. It was a total collaboration of both sides of the family. From Marlee’s dad, Mark, building an arbor and carving wood, Marlee’s mom, LeAnn, organizing chairs and decorations, Aunt Becky making the wedding cake, my mom cooking food and making over 400 traditional biscochitos, several of my friends helping to create beautiful handmade wedding invitations, Auntie Rosalie sending ten pounds of her famous homemade creamy fudge, Lincoln’s workmates playing gorgeous ceremony and reception music, Aunt Jo and Uncle Tim donating their perfectly polished heirloom silver platters. I know I already forgot people- so forgive me. What I am trying to say is, you know how people like to say it takes a village to raise a child? Well, I kept saying it took an entire village to make this wedding come together.

The morning of the wedding, I walked out onto the back porch and the flower girls had drawn this. I knew the day would just be wonderful!

My cousin Aubry flew in from San Diego to assist me with Lincoln and Marlee’s wedding and I am so grateful that she did! I caught her interviewing Lincoln through the kitchen window.

Marlee’s aunt Becky working hours and hours on the beautiful wedding cake.

Lincoln dressed his daughter, Violet.

The hair.

Mom and me, cooking. (I washed my hands after touching my feet people.)


Marlee and her mom.

So sweet.

Lincoln’s gift to Marlee, REAL cowgirl boots! (Four leaf clover?!)


Model bride.



Marlee’s dad was already crying before he opened his eyes to see her! So sweet.

Marlee and her mom. So pretty!

Marlee and one of her brothers. Marlee’s face is too cute!

Marlee and her Violet.

Little doll face.

The groom.

So handsome!

That hair. We all wish we had his hair!

The baby.

Mom with Lincoln. AWE!

Dad with Lincoln. Cute!

Love him!

One of my favorites, Aubry documented this with my camera.

Everyone had to kiss Lincoln! Daniel with Lincoln. Love it!

Even the officiant kissed the groom.

Jaxon with his Uncle Lincoln.

This kid. During his speech, ‘It’s my first wedding.’

That’s our Lincoln!

Lincoln with his daughter.

Lincoln and Marlee chose not to see one another before the ceremony but they had a nice, calm moment together in the forest where they held hands standing back to back.

So sweet!

The band.

The ring pillow.

I can’t lie. That is the best dressed, most attractive wedding officiant I ever did see. I loved when he said, ‘Family and friends are gathered here today to witness your promise to one another. We are here to to say that when you celebrate joy, we will celebrate with you. We are here to dedicate that when you go through hard times that we will be there to guide you back towards one another.’ Something like that. I don’t know verbatim because I was too busy crying taking pictures. ;) Such beautiful, wise words.



They skipped down the aisle laughing!

Jaxon did a cartwheel.


I love that Violet is actually in this image with them. Hugging in the back while they hold her.


See, there she is!


Love this!



Love this.

Marlee’s bouquet! Heartlove!


Party time!

The cake. Gorgeous!

First dance.

‘Love me tender, love me sweet.’

Love it.

Marlee and her dad.

Love it.

Lincoln with mom.

So sweet.

The rings: For those of you who don’t know, my parents are jewelers and so is Marlee’s Uncle Tim. From right to left, Uncle Tim created the lovely diamond ring (using Marlee’s grandmas diamonds) and my parents created Lincoln’s lion ring and Marlee’s running wild horses ring. All so gorgeous!

LOVE this so much!

So pretty.


The send off! I laugh every time I see this one. There is bird seed stuck to Marlee’s lollipop!

Marlee. Lincoln and Violet. You are so special to all of us. Always, always know that we are here for you.

Protected: Harmony. Lot 87.

July 7th, 2014 | SarahLove

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Amanda and Trent. The fix.

June 10th, 2014 | SarahLove

I arrived in Arizona and the bride whisked me away for a day hike. Yes, a hike. That is just part of my experience with Amanda and her family. I have never encountered such hospitality in my entire wedding photography career. Ever. I was included in family outings to the lake where I got the ski doo up to a whooping 37 miles an hour, there was a distinct memory when the wind blew through my hair and I couldn’t believe that I was on a business trip. I could not help but smile. The bride and groom invited me to breakfast on their wedding day. I thought it was a family thing, until I soon found out, it was just the three of us. How did I get so blessed?! The brides mom made me a necklace, I went bowling with the brides family and there’s so much more that happened to make me feel like family. Not ‘just a wedding photographer’. Like the massage I was gifted the day after a wedding?! Oh friends, I can’t tell you how much I LOVE my job.

I can tell you that I have never met a couple like Amanda and Trent. They are friendly with everyone, love to laugh and have such delight when they talk about their dog. They don’t finish each others sentences- they allow the other person to tell the entire story even though they have heard and said it before. How about that?? They laugh and look at one another with looks that are only reserved for one another. Amanda and Trent have a deep rooted family that stands by them. There was not a moment of drama, even when the brides hand crafted cake stand broke. None. You know what she did? Fixed it. That right there showed me so much about the kind of relationship Amanda and Trent will have when times challenge them for better or worse. They will fix it, make it better and move forward holding hands.

You know what else I’ve never seen?

The bride who bakes her own wedding cake on her wedding day.

Childhood friends.

Mother of the bride working on cupcakes!

Make up.

The boots.




Handsome fellow!

The groom with his grandma. Love it!

Love this light!


So so so so so cute.

These looks! Lovely. Do you see the heartlove?!


Pretty golden snuggle.

Love it!!

I love this broken little twig hanging above their heads. ‘When something is broken, you don’t replace it, you fix it.’

Amanda had a request to have pictures taken with the lights. That is all she said. She allowed me to create my art with my own interpretation and I am so thankful for people like her, who allow me to do my job. ;) I showed her a sneak peek in the car, on the way to karaoke and she gasped, tapped Trent on the arm and said, ‘See! That’s why we picked her!’

Amanda, Trent and family,

I can’t thank you enough. Really. To say it was an honor to document this love filled weekend, is totally not doing it justice. I smile as I type this now. Thank you, thank you and thank you!!! You are all such humble, wonderful REAL people and I appreciate every thing you did to make me feel like family, like a friend. A wedding weekend I will never take for granted and will recall fondly. Much love, Sarah

The Kilburns. Adventure without GPS.

May 14th, 2014 | SarahLove

I knew that if I ever was to have the honor of documenting the Kilburn’s it would be an adventure. I could not have been more right. We all love being right about things, don’t we?

Due to Brandi being a mum to five, life  happened like it does. We had to reschedule their session several times. Then when we finally decided upon a session location, we were kicked off the premises. I even tried saying we were cousins but I think the guard noticed Brian had a British accent and my guess is that he thought the lot was on holiday to America. So, we swiftly changed locations, climbed through a bat cave, encountered a HUGE deadly desert centipede, walked across land that consisted of a zillion sticker bushes containing ‘goat heads’ and managed to hide from a tarantula. Or maybe it hid from us? At this point, the details are a bit unclear. I won’t question it. Now I know why the majority of the Kilburn children wear shoes with wheels on the bottom. That should have been a large indication that they leave scenes and they leave them quickly when faced with such possible complications. Their wheels were on their feet, while mine were on my fingers as the sun played peek a boo from behind the clouds forcing me to change the exposure for a record breaking amount of times within the span of one hundred and twenty six minutes and seventeen seconds. My right index finger is now remarkably stronger.

The Kilburn children have adventure in their souls! As they scattered rolled all around the land, making sure to not leave the littlest Mo behind, I shared my idea with Brandi, suggesting that a Global Positioning System be installed into the children. Because honestly, I asked Brandi, ‘How do you keep track of them all?’ Without hesitation she answered, ‘I count.’

Keeping family tradition in line, I will let Celia present to you (as she teaches Mo the open arm technique of presenting): The Kilburns!

Little Miss Buttercup.



So gorgeous.

Whoa, Ash. Hold the phone.

Handsome fellow.

Precious, precious Mo.

Sweet face.

She is nearly ready for shoes with wheels.

The beautiful Celia bird.

I counted. They are all there. It works! Oh, how I love this!

Do you see the heartlove? So magical.



Leif looking quite dapper.

They are all model children.

I adore how Leif looks at Celia.

Ash posed ‘Brandi’ for a formal picture. Just look at that smile!

Cuteness explosion!

Super darlings!

Little Miss Mo is very loved by the children.

In case you thought I was running my creative mind with adventure stories, this is in the bat cave. Look how they shine with sun-kissed beauty!

Natalie and Christian: The birds and the trees.

May 1st, 2014 | SarahLove

Sometimes I meet a couple and they are so clearly meant to be together, I am reminded of two pieces of Velcro. There is the soft side and then the other side with tiny little hooks, like fingers and when they are placed together, they are stuck with a force.

Natalie and Christian are like that. They have such a connection with one another that it explodes with passion that goes beyond the two of them. They have a connection with living organisms around them as well. Christian buzzed around, behind and all around any vicinity of the path we took. At one point he briskly walked past us and I smelled rosemary and then noticed that he had a spring of lavender tucked behind his ear. Then Natalie found a rose that had fallen off a bush and when I looked up, she was glowingly beautiful with it pinned in her hair. Christian noticed too because he actually requested that I take a portrait of just Natalie, right then and there. This couple didn’t miss a thing, when it came to the surroundings of nature and one another. Natalie pointed out the tiny bushtit that most people would have looked past and Christian got excited when he saw a beautiful native plant ‘that often gets underrated.’ Another one of his photo requests. ;)

I kept smiling because I couldn’t help think of how perfect Nataile’s choice of earrings were. Wee hummingbirds. Even now, I am sitting here smiling at the thought.

As I left their session, I started humming this song by Dean Martin and I felt all kinds of happy and good thoughts.

Let me tell ya ’bout the birds and the bees
And the flowers and the trees
And the moon up above
And a thing called “Love”

Let me tell ya ’bout the stars in the sky
And a girl and a guy
And the way they could kiss
On a night like this

So very lovely.

I love how he looks at her.

Natalie, you are gorgeous.

Just WOW.

Love this passion.

They skipped to the top of this hill.

Check out that Echinocereus triglochidiatus behind them!

I love this light.

They didn’t care one bit when I told them to lay down among the onions. LOVE LOVE LOVE this!

So cute!


As their session commenced, I was in the middle of telling them that they chose a great month (later this year) for their wedding because it’s a great time of year for sunsets. I kid you not friends, the sky exploded behind them and I had to unpack my camera and change lenses all within about ten to twelve seconds. As you know, with the sunset, it does not wait. There is no sky like a New Mexico sky.

Natalie and Christian, It was a complete honor to document your love! I can’t put enough emphasis on that statement. Thank you so much! Sarah

Oren. More than anything.

April 17th, 2014 | SarahLove

Documenting Oren in the very house he was born in, was nothing short of beautiful. Sarah had told me that their house was small and dark and might not be ideal for photos. I encouraged her to allow me assess the home and if it didn’t seem ideal then we would go to the park. We did end up going to the park anyway just because we were so close. But I am not going to feature those images because it’s important for me to show you just how comfortable babies (including children) feel when they are in their own home.

The home had such character and all these nooks where light spilled in giving images dimension and life. Which is exactly how sweet Oren’s disposition is! He is such a sunny baby with endless giggles, which is precisely why my abdominal region is sore today. I assure you, this sweet one will impact your day in the best kind of way.

Before we get to the images though, I have to share something else. When Sarah looks at her son, I see her still falling in love with him. It was such a delight to witness this love not only overflow but also occur over and over again in the course of just two hours. I could clearly see this happening before my very eyes and then she backed it up by sharing, ‘I love him more than anything…...anything.’

Oren was ready for his photo shoot from the first click. See his reaction in the next photo. ;)

So precious.



So precious!


Love this!

Go ahead, look at this and try not to smile. :)


LOVE love love it.

Oh. My. Word.

Too cute!

Cute little train!

Doesn’t he look so cuddly!?

Yoga baby.

He has the best faces!

Sweet yawn.

He loves books.

Apparently it’s a fantastic read!

Oh! I love this!


Delightful. So very very delightful.

Sarah and Joe, Thank you so much for allowing me into your sweet place you call home. It was truly an honor to capture your Oren during this time in his life. I appreciate that this documentation wasn’t for a specific stereotypical milestone in his life. The best kind of days are the ones that contain the simplicities of life as it happens. Minus the food poisoning, of course. ;) I look forward to watching your son grow up! Many thanks, Sarah